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Archive Explainer Infographic

amazing explainer infographic template inside it many things like ( text animation, transitions, amazing animation shapes, timeline for your business workflow, gallery to show your great projects you have done ) and more all in one package designed to serve designer, advertising agency or companies


Archive Explainer Infographic

build your text whatever you want to type anything just type it by text builder way

  • Infographics Project ( Corporate Pack )

  • Full Resizable

  • Fast Render

  • No Plugins Required

  • Works for all languages

  • Full & Easy Editable 100 %

  • Compatibility this project with After Effects CC14x or Higher

  • Ability to Replace photos by yours

  • Ability to Replace Text by yours

  • Ability to Replace Music by yours

  • Letters Unfold, Numbers Unfold & Syumble Unfold

  • ( FHD ) 1080p Resolution


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This Project Created to Serve The Designers & Companies.